340b Partner

A 340B partnership with OptiMed helps ensure uninterrupted medication access for vulnerable patients suffering from a chronic disease. We understand that a healthcare system’s needs go beyond safe and efficient product distribution. We also know 340B programs can be difficult to administer and that detailed auditable records are essential. For this reason, healthcare systems partner with OptiMed to help navigate the intricacies of 340B programs, reduce prescription costs, and enhance clinical pharmacy services and programs offered to eligible patients.

Our outcome-centered, value-based approach better manages patients’ medication therapy and improves health outcomes by:

  • Improving adherence rates
  • Monitoring and managing side effects
  • Encouraging patient engagement
  • Providing patient-centered education
  • Monitoring patient safety and outcomes
  • Providing transparent and detailed reporting

By integrating 340B administration with OptiMed’s medication dispensing and patient-centered care, healthcare systems can stretch limited resources and provide additional benefits, services, and cost-savings to patients.

Learn more about the 340B program and how OptiMed can help you navigate its complexities by calling 877-232-2857.