patient services

Navigating your health care can be a complex and intimidating process…but it doesn’t have to be. OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy partners with you every step of the way and functions as the link between you, your physician and health insurance provider to create a simple, convenient and effective treatment plan.

Our staff investigates your prescription and health care insurance benefits so there are no surprises when it comes to treatment costs. We are here as a resource – not just a supplier of your medication – and offer a variety of benefits:

  • Financial Support & Advocacy Services
  • Medication & Disease Education and Training
  • Custom Patient-centric Management Programs
  • Refill Reminders
  • Prior Authorizations

Patient management program

The Patient Management Programs (PMPs) at OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy are a collection of extra services that help you get the most from your specialty medication(s). Enrolling in a PMP gives you access to many benefits to help improve your health.



Place all of your medications and vitamins together into easy-to-open tear pouches, clearly labeled with the date and time they need to be taken. This simple, convenient medication management solution helps assure that the correct medications are taken at the right time.




OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy’s immunization clinic has provided a variety of vaccines to children, adults, and travelers since 1993, including: Hepatitis, HPV, Influenza, Measles, Tetanus, Typhoid, and more.




Surgical prep kits

OptiMed is the leading specialty pharmacy in the country offering surgical prep kits designed to improve the patient health and surgical experience. OptiMed’s prep kits conveniently include all the medications you’ll need to prepare for your surgery along with an easy-to-follow instruction book. The kits include medications that are proven to promote a faster recovery, reduce the risk of infection, and decrease the risk of surgical complications.



travel health clinic

Our Travel Health Clinic provides preventive health services to patients traveling internationally. We work closely with you to create a comprehensive travel health plan and assessment.