achieve more.

reach higher.

With over 20 years of specialty pharmacy experience, OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy is well-poised to continue to set benchmarks for innovation and excellence in the specialty pharmacy market. We aim to create mutually beneficial relationships with our payer partners in order to maximize the delivery of value-based services, reduce redundancies, and achieve common goals.

We are a community-based Specialty Pharmacy with a national presence, dedicated to delivering value, excellence, and innovation in health care.


national distribution

convenient patient access

OptiMed offers free nationwide delivery, right to the patient's doorstep.

Customized metrics & reporting

Robust Reporting Capabilities

OptiMed has the technology and clinical infrastructure to provide you with timely and transparent data.

engaged patient care

increased adherence & satisfaction

OptiMed's highly-trained clinical team provides the tools and education needed to empower patients to take an active role in their treatment.

outcome-driven patient services

improved patient outcomes and quality of life

Evidence-based medicine is the backbone of OptiMed's clinical programs, resulting in the delivery of value-added patient care services.

OptiMed functions as the link between patients, healthcare providers, and payers to create a patient-centered care plan that is simple, convenient, and effective.