Precovery Kits

Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) is an innovative response to a rapidly evolving healthcare industry striving to individualize medical care, improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. It uses a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures and optimizes patient care. ERP protocols have resulted in reduced hospitalization by 30% to 50% and similar reductions in complications, re-admissions and costs. OptiMed is one of the first specialty pharmacies in the country to pro-actively serve a crucial role in promoting and enhancing ERP.

OptiMed developed a customized pre-surgical program kit that helps healthcare systems contain costs while at the same time ensuring optimal patient care and health outcomes.

The prep kits conveniently feature ingredients scientifically proven to dramatically enhance recovery, reduce complications, and improve the patient’s experience. Patients love the convenience of easily obtaining all the medications needed to prepare for surgery. In return, healthcare systems find the prep kits:

  • Lessen health complications

  • Reduce hospitalization costs after surgery

  • Simplify and streamline medication management and education process

  • Lower risk of hospital re-admission

  • Promote a faster recovery

For more information, or bulk orders, please call 877-232-2857.

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